Carjacking and Shooting 05/19/2019

STONE MOUNTAIN (CBS46) – Friends and family said it’s a miracle a local man survived after he was carjacked, shot more than a dozen times, and run over. Now, they hope the community can help find the people who nearly killed him.

The 28-year-old man remains in the ICU at Grady Hospital after being carjacked and shot at the Polo Club Apartments on Ashley Creek Circle in Stone Mountain.

“He had no enemies, he’s a stand-up comedian, he’s just making everybody laugh all the time,” Benjamin Smith, Edgar’s best friend, told CBS 46 reporter Melissa Stern.

Smith said Edgar was in town visiting Mother’s Day weekend and was planning on moving into the Polo Club Apartments on May 21st.

“The guy he’s moving in with lives here already; so, he was doing a lot of stand up shows here,” Smith said.

Edgar was coming home late from a stand-up show and a night out when his worst nightmare happened around 4:45 Sunday morning.

“Went inside, put some stuff down and decided he was hungry. He’s new to the area, so he came in and sat in his car, looked up a CVS to get some gas station food, realized it was closed, as he was sitting there, someone knocked a gun on his passenger side window,” added Smith.

Edgar said two men told him to put his hands in the air and to put his phone on the passenger seat.

“They asked him for his password, and he couldn’t remember his password in the moment, he was shell shocked, and so he said someone else came over to the driver’s side and knee capped him,” Smith added.

Edgar told police they then pulled him out of the car, got in his car, and shot him multiple times before driving off, running over the left side of his body on the way out. Doctors said he was shot 13 times based on exit wounds in his chest arms and legs. He still needs surgery on his left arm, but he can wiggle his fingers and toes.

Dekalb County Police found his silver Hyundai Elantra about a mile and a half away from here but are still looking for the two suspects.

In the meantime, even though he’s in the hospital; he’s still making jokes and in good spirits.

“This is recovery from being shot 13 times, hosted by me, Paul Edgar,” said Edgar in a video taken from his hospital bed.

Family and friends said it’s a miracle he’s alive, but it’s unlikely he’ll be moving into these apartments anymore.

If you have any information about this case call the DeKalb County Police Department at 404-286-7900.

Meanwhile, a GiveSendGo has been created to help pay for medical support for Edgar.


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