ROSWELL, Ga. (CBS46) -- A Rock 100.5 morning radio host and his family say they were victims of deadly threats made at a metro Atlanta restaurant.

Jason Bailey said just before entering the Taco Mac in Roswell he was approached by a stranger.

“He goes, hey I got a question, I got a question,” Bailey explained.

Bailey said the man appeared drunk and couldn’t remember his question. So, Bailey and his family continued inside the restaurant. Minutes later inside the restroom the same stranger had a new question.

“He goes who are those girls you’re with,” Bailey told CBS46 News.

That’s when things got a bit more serious.

“I’m like not where you want to go to. You’re drunk, that’s my 14-year-old daughter, that’s my wife, that’s her 14-year-old friend,” Bailey said.

Bailey headed back to the table with his family. The strange man followed and a few moments later exploded into a rant.

Bailey says at one point in the rant, the strange man threatens to kill every white person in the restaurant.

“My daughter and her friend had to witness that along with the other kids that were there. That’s what bothers me most,” Bailey explained.

Roswell Police eventually arrived and arrested the restaurant ranter. He was charged with felony terroristic threats, and released on $20,000 bond.

Believe it or not, Bailey says he would love to the man as a guest on his radio show.

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If you have ever listened to Rock 100 you would know that it’s a bunch of white middle-aged sexist, racist good old boys. Even their commercials are sexist, divorce attorneys talking about dealing with trouble making “women”. I would bet money that this good old boy DJ was not an innocent bystander.


You're probably referring to the old morning show. They have two female lawyers that come in twice a month, two females on the show, three female jocks throughout the day and night, and they covered the entire story on the air. Not everyone on Rock morning show is white, either. No need to get so upset or mean.

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