CONYERS, Ga. (CBS46) -- CBS46 is working to get results for a Conyers man who was hit by a DeKalb County police officer.

He said he’s endured pain and suffering, and that he was basically told it was his own fault he was hit. After months of rejections from lawyers to take his case, he called CBS46's Melissa Stern.

“I feel like the cop got away scot-free,” said Colquitt.

Christopher Colquitt doesn’t have a car. He walks hours to and from work to support his family. On one of his walks home a DeKalb County police officer hit him, turning his life upside down.

According to the crash report, 22-year-old Colquitt was hit by a DeKalb County police officer in April 2019.

“For a year straight trying to get in touch with lawyers to take my case, and every lawyer said it was my word against the cops,” Colquitt added.

So, he contacted us when he had nowhere else to turn.

“It was a pain and a struggle and I felt like there should be some type of justice,” added Colquitt.

Colquitt wasn’t too far from his home in Rockdale County around 9:30 pm when the crash happened.

“I just know I heard my arm go, ka-pop,” Colquitt said. “You hit me so hard that I blacked out and caused bodily fluid to come out.”

He was hit on the northbound side of Troupe Smith Road, which has no sidewalk or lights.

He says his right foot was in the grass and his flashlight was on to alert drivers.

“I wasn’t in the road. He had plenty of space not to hit me,” said Colquitt.

But the police report says the officer said he never saw Colquitt, and, “given the size and width of Colquitt’s arm, he could have been out of the roadway and his left arm been over the fog line.”

“For you to use an excuse of my weight, or what I’m wearing for you not to see me, you should pay better attention to your surroundings,” Colquitt added.

He was taken to the hospital and says a DeKalb County Sheriff and someone with Georgia State Patrol showed up to speak with him there.

“Saying there was no way I could press charges and nobody was at fault. That I should have been wearing lighter clothes, but I just got off work, how could I change clothes?” added Colquitt.

Colquitt takes care of his disabled dad and has a family to support. He lost his job because of the situation.

“I had to get back injections and it caused me to not be able to work, and I’m still waking up with pain. I can’t sleep normally and it’s just a constant pain,” Colquitt said.

He has since found a new job but remains in worse shape than he was prior to the incident.

“I have to walk to work and that’s a three hour walk. So I work 8 hours a day, then I have to walk home again,” said Colquitt. “And that’s more pain on my back, and I can’t not do it because I have two little kids, and I have to provide for them. It’s just been a constant pain and struggle and I’m tired. That’s it, I’m tired and it hurts.”

CBS46’s Melissa Stern reached out to DeKalb County and received this statement:

DeKalb County notified its insurance agency of the accident on April 10, 2019. Since then, the insurance agency has taken charge of the investigation and has not been able to reach Mr. Colquitt. We encourage Mr. Colquitt to contact the insurance agency to complete the claim.

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