Marietta mother discusses loss of son due to gun violence

Source: WGCL

Julvonnia McDowell says gun violence has to stop and a change must happen when it comes to gun control and gun safety because far too many children lose their lives from guns.

"JuJuan was my baby fourteen years old," said McDowell.

Several pictures sit in McDowell's Marietta home. Almost all them of her family, their accomplishments, and their memories. These pictures and old yearbooks are just a few daily reminders of a bright young man who was McDowell's youngest son.

"I miss that, I miss walking through the door and hearing him saying mom what are you going to cook?"

JuJuan left to visit family in Savannah the spring of 2016. But before McDowell could get him, JuJuan was shot and killed by another teenager playing with a gun. The shooting unintentional.

"He left on a Sunday and was set to return on that Friday," said McDowell.

McDowell says watching reports of the recent Florida school shooting wasn't easy. And for those parents she says it's going to be hard.

"You get outraged, because it's like when is it going to stop when is it going to end? "I'm living through it right now," said McDowell. Everyday is a struggle it's not going to be easy. I went from planning summer vacation to picking out a casket. I went from getting an outfit for spring formal to burying my baby. I know those tears, I know that pain."

The effects of gun violence she tells me have a life long effect on not only families but communities.

"This has to stop. whew I get emotional about that."

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