Marietta yard partially swallowed by sinkhole following storms

MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A potentially dangerous eyesore is stopping cars and dropping jaws in a Marietta neighborhood. 

It's hard to drive down James Street NW without noticing the crater, nearly half the size of the home next to it.

"During the storm I don't know how it happened, lightning hit it, what happened with that storm," said the property owner, Marian Tiller-Chancellor.

She says her family has owned the property for decades and she made the sinkhole discovery following last week's intense rainfall.

"When I got up that next morning to go out, I got in my car and got to that corner and I looked over there, all I see was this hole so I just turned the corner and went over there and kept looking at it saying wow," said Tiller-Chancellor.

She says first responders put caution tape around that section of the property but she still goes to bed nightly, just feet from the massive cavity.

"I don't need to be worried about it," she told us Wednesday morning. "I'm going to sleep and believe god that my angels are around here, that's the only thing I'm going to sleep on."

A Marietta City representative tells us since it's on private property, law prohibits local government from spending money to fix it. However, the city is providing engineering assistance and Tiller-Chancellor could be eligible for state or federal funding relief.

"Thank god that I'm okay! That's all. Thank god that I'm okay and let's do something so nobody else can get affected," she said.

According to the USGS, if your property develops a sinkhole, you should contact your insurance and your utility companies.

The City of Marietta recommends you contact the Public Works Department since every situation is different.


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