ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)- A large yellow crane sat in the economy parking lot at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Thursday as crews tried to lift derailed Marta train cars.

“When we put the train back on a good track, we’re either going to use another vehicle or a locomotive and we’re going to tow the vehicles into the south yard,” said Dave Springstead, Marta’s Chief of Rail Operations.

Springstead said normal rail service at the airport could resume Thursday night.

“Our schedule optimistically is by sundown today, we would love to have those two cars off the bridge and in our rail facility.”

The train derailed Tuesday evening while trying to switch lanes.

“The train was heading northbound out of the airport making a crossover move,” Springstead explained to reporters. “The first four cars went through the crossover move clean and the remaining two cars, cars five and six had trouble getting through the interlocking.”

MARTA riders have been using a bus shuttle to get to and from the College Park train station.

Springstead says the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. For some, the derailment is concerning so close to the Super Bowl but Springstead suggests MARTA is ready.

“We are prepared for the super bowl,” he said. “We’re actually very excited for the super bowl despite the challenges that we have.”

The crossover track underneath the rail cars was damaged in the derailment. Springstead said it will take one or two days to fix but he said the crossover track isn’t needed to resume normal rail service.

Several cars had to be moved for the crane to be brought into the economy parking lot. Airport officials said there will be signage letting travelers know whether their car was towed.

A courtesy officer will be in place to shuttle travelers to where their cars were relocated.

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