A viral video on Tik Tok is once again sparking the debate over mask use during the pandemic. 

“So I just took my mask off in Costco because I need to breathe a little bit right," said 18-year-old Andrew Wayland in the video. "And manager a*****e comes up and says I’m calling the cops because you’re not wearing a mask.” 

Costco has a strict policy when it comes to face coverings, even saying those who can’t wear a mask must wear a face shield to shop at the store.

The video goes on to show the 18-year-old’s father put in handcuffs by Cumming police, but not because of anyone not wearing a mask.

"Dude I am not resisting," said Andrew's father Cory Wayland in the viral video.

In the police report it states the teenager was asked multiple times by employees to put on his mask, and that the father and son argued with employees before a manager asked the pair to leave. 

Police said they arrived and spoke to all parties, asked the teenager's father for his name and birthdate or some form of ID, and that he refused. 

They said the father stated he did not have to provide anything unless he was under arrest.  Officers eventually detained the father for refusing to produce or give identification, but he was eventually released in the parking lot.

Costco told CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy they have no comment at this time about the situation.

Many on social media came out in defense of all involved, even remarking about police not wearing masks.

On Sunday the Governor once again asked all Georgians to please wear a mask.

“We are asking the people of Georgia to do a few simple things, wear a mask,” said Governor Brian Kemp.

The teenager posted on his Tik Tok account that he and his father are suing the manager of the store and the police.

The father was charged with disorderly conduct and both were given a warning about trespassing at Costco and are now barred from shopping there.

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