Massage parlor advertises X-rated service with flier, prostitution arrest follows

A mailed advertisement for prostitution went to every house in a nearby neighborhood (WGCL)

The Coco Spa in Oakwood is closed until further notice.

Police are not letting them open again until they get to the bottom of what's really going on in there.

Hundreds of people who live in nearby Hall County neighborhoods recently got a flier in the mail which appeared to be written by the owner of the business. The letter, written in broken English, explains how they "do massage very well," even though they don't have license.

It goes on to say customers can pay $300 and get sex without a condom.

Neighbors say the fliers were in an envelope stamped bulk business mail, and they went to every address on the block without discriminating.

Even a police officer received one in his mailbox.

Soon enough, an arrest was made

They sent someone in undercover and the officer says he was propositioned by Myoung Tucker. The owner of the massage parlor was not on location when the crime occurred, so she wasn't charged.

CBS46 called her to ask if she is really the one who sent out those mailers. She told us she thinks it was the work of a former business partner who wanted revenge.

Regardless of who sent out the mailers, police say all that matters is that the letters described something that was actually happening.

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