On Crestwood Place in Lithonia life hasn't exactly been bubbly for the Blackmon family.

Last August, a small sinkhole formed in their front yard and now nine months later it's massive.

"That's just blatantly unsafe period. Yeah it is," said Mary Blackmon. "Ok now you're looking at a hole that gets wider every day and with the rain now you can see the water that is down here in the pipe.'

The Blackmon's said they notified DeKalb County's Roads and Drainage Department multiple times, but their lack of response darn near stings.

Meanwhile, the hole now measures nearly 10-feet deep.

"The hole that started here, is now here. So who's fault shall it be when our foundations start to sink or a child falls into this?" asked Mary.

And within 24-hours of CBS46 being contacted about it, we were on the scene.

"Well I saw 46 and I said is that Adam over there?" said Pam Wilcox, who lives next door to the Blackmons.

It turns out it took the county nearly a year to tell the Blackmons that a busted pipe underground needed repairs and that the part had been ordered.

"I wanted to just call attention to the fact that a county, DeKalb, can know that they have a dangerous situation and they go about their merry business as if it's no biggie."

CBS46 reached out to county officials on Wednesday and they told us crews will have to replace a 120-foot section of pipe underground.The work will entail lining a 120-feet section of pipe. Weather permitting, the repair will continue June 3 and will take three to five days.

Roads and Drainage personnel inspected the pipe in October 2017 and scheduled the repair for February 2018. The repair has been delayed by weather and other emergency projects.The county also said they began repair work out on May 11 although neighbors haven't noticed anything.

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