Mayor under scrutiny for Confederate honor

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Fayetteville Mayor Edward Johnson is facing scrutiny signing off on a proclamation to make April the month to honor Confederate History and for allowing a Confederate Memorial Day.

He says it was his job, since no one opposed.

"That's the real hurt is that most of the citizens of Fayetteville know, that I have worked since I've been here for 25 years, to build bridges of understanding between all of the races in the community," said Mayor Johnson.

The former longtime NAACP Branch President said his personal opinions couldn't override his elected duty, but now public scrutiny is causing him to pivot

"For them to say I'm ashamed that you signed it, they don't understand process and procedures," said Johnson. "Process and procedures is I reviewed it, no one presented any opposition and so therefore I signed it acknowledging that we were honoring the veterans and not underlining the confederacy and what it stood for."

"Do you plan on rescinding it when it comes up next year?" "No, we won't even deal with it next year because we have gone on record and we will make sure that it is stated at our next city council meeting that we will look at how we do proclamations and a proclamation of any recognition of confederacy will not be accepted or approved."

That's all because of grassroots efforts by residents like Wayne Kendall. He's organized rallies against the proclamations

"It's a revisionist attempt at history and we are not for that. We believe that you can remember history without revering history and that was these proclamations do is revere something that should not be revered," said Attorney Wayne Kendall.

Kendall's efforts are leading the county, the City of Tyrone and City of Fayetteville to all rescind the proclamations

"I'm just a private citizen that had a view point and also had hundreds of my fellow Fayette countians who happen to agree with me," said Kendall.

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