The medical marijuana industry in Georgia could be expanding if a new bill is signed by Governor Kemp.
Business like ATLRx CBD in Alpharetta are hoping to expand their cannabis dispensary to include medical marijuana.
They currently focus on hemp products.
"We are basically a farm bill-compliant dispensary. We deal mostly in CBD flower, oils, edibles, topicals. Things of that nature," said Rick Hight
COO of AtlRx CBD and
All of their products contain no more than .3% of THC---a very low THC form of cannabis that does not offer the high effect of marijuana
"We see a lot of people coming in with the medical marijuana card looking for the products," Hight told CBS46's Hayley Mason. "They do allow us to have up to 5% THC oils. Unfortunately, they don’t allow medical marijuana raw flower products to be sold here. It’s really tricky for the patients because while it is legal for them to buy it and possess it. There is not a place for them currently for us to move that product around."
The bill that passed the General Assembly and is on Governor Kemp’s desk could make it possible for up to 30 medical marijuana dispensaries to open up in Georgia.
Currently, there are only 6 licenses available for companies to grow and manufacture medical marijuana oils. The state is deciding now who will be awarded those.
For some, 30 dispensaries is limiting. Others argue that safety is concern since it is not FDA-approved.
Industry hopefuls have been watching lawmakers closely at the Capitol as they slowly open up the market.
"It represents more of a mainstream acceptance for something that’s been in the dark area for quite some time now," said Hight. 
They would like to expand to marijuana products and have started the licensing process they say has been difficult given the newness and limitations of current law.
The industry hopefuls have been watching lawmakers closely at the capitol as they slowly open up the market.
"It’s almost like a flood gate, so once we see and test that model, and understand that noting bad is going to happen from it I think it is going to open up that whole industry for a little bit more acceptance," Hight said. We will see more grow industries pop up. We will see more dispensaries pop up."
The bill also allows for colleges and universities within the University System of Georgia to access some low-THC cannabis for research purposes.

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