ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- TSA has a request for passengers traveling this Memorial Day weekend; leave your gun at home and bring your patience to the airport instead.

Hartsfield-Jackson is expecting more than 1.5 million people to pass through from Wednesday to Monday. Triple A says about a million others in Georgia will be on the roads.
"These gas prices are terrible right now," said one driver, filling up his car at a gas station near the airport on Tuesday. "Normally fifteen dollars to fill her up but right now I'm going on 40!"
If you're planning on a road trip, prices at the pump might be painful to see. AAA says road travel in Georgia is expected to be up by 62-percent this Memorial Day Weekend, compared to the same weekend last year.
Gas prices are also expected to be the highest they've been for Memorial Day weekend since 2014, according to AAA.
"We've seen about a three-cent drop over the past week. Right now in Georgia, we're about $2.93 a gallon for regular, unleaded. This time last week we were at $2.96," said Garrett Townsend, a spokesman for AAA. "Memorial Day represents about the peak pricing that you find for the year as you start off the summer driving season."
Townsend says some Atlanta area gas stations still have spotty service from the pipeline hack. "We're finding still some spotty outages throughout the state, mainly in the metro Atlanta area but there's no issue with supply."
Along with increased traffic on the roads, Hartsfield-Jackson says it will see a surge of people from Wednesday to Monday. APD says it will have additional officers on duty, including K9 officers.
"Vehicle traffic leading to the airport's roadways is picking up and our parking lots are filling up," said Major Reginald Moorman, Airport Precinct Commander for Atlanta Police.  "When there are more people, there are more opportunities for crime."
TSA wants passengers to check their bags for prohibited items like knives, tools, pepper spray and guns. It says since January first, it's found 172 guns at our airport alone.
"TSA projects that peak summer travel will top 2 million passengers screened on a daily basis at the national level for the first time in 16 months," said Robert Spinden of TSA.
Interim General Manager of the airport, Balram Bheodari, says the airport is becoming increasingly busy.  "We are now at approximately 80 percent of our normal daily flight operations and approximately 70-plus percentage in daily passenger demand for this Memorial holiday."

It's a change of pace that's also felt by Atlanta-based Delta.

"During this holiday period, we're going to carry over two million passengers including 400,000 of those here in Atlanta alone. So big difference from where we were a year ago," said Matt Sparks, VP of ATL airport operations for Delta Airlines.

Airport officials say escalators, elevators and parking lots are opening back up to meet demand. About 73 percent of concession stands are back open for business as well.

"We have hired hundreds of new officers here in Atlanta and thousands across the united states in preparation for the peak travel season this summer," said Spinden.

Masks are mandatory in Hartsfield-Jackson. TSA also extended its mask mandate until September 13th.

Airport officials recommend you arrive more than two hours before your flight. 

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