Memorial to 15-day-old baby stolen


It is a crime sparking outrage in Newton County. Someone stole stuffed animals and candles left on the side of the road in memory of a 15-day-old baby found dead in the woods earlier this month.

Almost immediately, people brought out crosses, flowers and teddy bears and set them at the side of the road not far from where her body was found but at one point everything left in memory of the baby disappeared.

“we came out here thinking we were just going to do our part… we didn't think we were going to find her… we are all still struggling with it,” shared Kristin Collins who helped organize the search party that found the body of Caliyah McNabb. Collins spent hours in the woods and was there when the newborn's tiny body was found in a cloth sack only about a 3 minute walk from the baby's home at the Eagle Point Mobile Home Park.

Investigators believe the baby's father, Christopher McNabb, hit her in the head with an unknown object and then hid her body in the woods. Collins set out stuffed animals on the side of Henderson Mill Road shortly after Baby Caliyah was found.

“The memorial was taken down and trashed… all the stuffed animals, the butterflies, the angel wings,” Collins explained.

A second memorial to the baby is now in its place. Courtney Warren lives steps away and could not believe someone would destroy the first.

“It hits home just because I have a little boy,” Warren told CBS46 News.

Once the new memorial went up, Warren vowed to keep watch overs what went on. Days ago, she called the police when a “black lives matter” sign was put up over the tribute to the white baby.

“We were infuriated because we thought someone was bringing drama and hate to her memorial,” Collins explained. That sign has since been removed and the memorial continues to grow every day.

“People have been driving from Madison to Monticello, all over Georgia, and even out of state people are sending stuff,” Collins stated.

It basically shows that the community is not going to stop being Caliyah’s voice,” Warren contended. Baby Caliyah never had her own voice but now has a community watching over her roadside tribute.

“You look at her face and you can’t help but love her we never met her and we love her,” Collins asserted.

Community members in Covington paid for the baby's funeral and headstone. Her father is in jail now charged with her murder and concealing her death.


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