MORROW, Ga. (CBS46) -- A metro-Atlanta man with kidney failure is asking for the community’s help after his only means of transportation to dialysis went up in flames.

McCoy's Car

“Dialysis can be a little bit rough; I go three days a week,” said 26-year-old Devonte McCoy.

McCoy’s life changed forever while attending Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

“During my college years, my kidneys failed,” McCoy added.

He spends a lot of his time now at a dialysis center in Forest Park, about 15 minutes away from where he lives.

"Roughly around three to three hours and 45 minutes of just sitting there," said McCoy.

He used to drive himself, until his car began acting up one afternoon while leaving the dialysis center.

“The front dash shut off, and started to smoke,” added McCoy.

He said the smoke continued to build so he grabbed his stuff and hopped out.

“When I got out of the car, and let’s say got about 20 yards away from it, I could see the fire coming from the bottom of the car and just shooting straight up,” McCoy said.

It was ruled an electrical fire, and left the car damaged beyond repair.

“I lost my car, I did, and that was my only source of transportation,” said McCoy, “Being in the worst time of my life, being on dialysis, it hurts not having my own transportation,”

Now, he depends on family and friends to drive him.

He has no income to replace the car, as his job in the film industry came to a halt due to the Coronavirus.

“I want to see if there was any way possible that someone out there could help me,” McCoy said.

Despite everything, he’s staying positive. He said, “It’s only up from here!”

If you’d like to help McCoy, click here for his fundraiser.


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