KENNESAW, Ga. (CBS46) -- Doctors are shocked a local woman is alive after falling four stories from an apartment complex balcony.

“I was being a little crazy, and I fell from a four-story balcony,” said 21-year-old Rachel Wilson.

On April 8th, Wilson was with some friends at the Bixby Apartment Complex in Kennesaw when she climbed over the edge of the balcony more than 40-feet above ground.

“The guys below us, she had dropped a bathmat over the edge a couple days prior, and I called down to them, and said can I come get it? And they said yeah,” Wilson said, “My hand placement wasn’t good, and then as soon as I reached up, I just slipped and fell.”

She landed on the sidewalk below.

Miraculously, she survived.

“I got really scared at one point because I started spitting up blood, and I was like oh my gosh I’m gonna die,” added Wilson.

She was taken to a nearby hospital and admitted to the ICU.

Her mom, Lori, says the whole experience was traumatic.

“It’s pretty shocking to walk in and see your child that banged up,” said Lori.

“I broke both of my forearms, my right elbow, my femur, and my pelvis,” Wilson added.

She underwent surgery and physical therapy. she now has casts on both arms and uses a wheelchair.

“I can do a lot for myself; I eat by myself; I get ready by myself,” said Wilson.

Despite everything, doctors believe she’ll make a full recovery.

“No one is invincible, we’re not invincible at this age, I know we think we are we’re out doing our best, trying to live our lives,” Wilson said, “Being crazy and doing crazy things isn’t always fun and games because people do get hurt.”

Rachel and her mom decided the miracle of Rachel’s survival should be used to motivate other young people. They will soon start a group called “Recognizing Miracles” aimed at getting young people to recognize the blessings and miracles in their own lives.

“You can move past anything, and you can have a better perspective on life, it’s all a mindset and a positive attitude,” Lori said.

“This is a huge miracle for me, obviously,” added Wilson.

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