Middle school student called terrorist by classmate on bus


A 12-year-old student at a Gwinnett County middle school posted a video on Facebook that went viral, showing one of his classmates scream that he is a "terrorist."“Terrorist, terrorist,” the middle school student yelled.In the cell phone recording, the student says he is filming because kids were discriminating against him because he was wearing a turban and is a practicing Sikh.“Kids being racist to me,” he said at the beginning of the video. A number of other kids on the bus tell him he doesn't have permission to film them. He responded by saying, “I can if you are being racist to me mother fu****.”The video was posted on YouTube in February and had more than 750,000 views as of Mar. 3. The family of the student who posted the video did not want to comment to CBS46 News about the incident, but said they are working with Gwinnett County Schools about the problem.Members of the Sikh community are reacting to the viral video and sharing their stories about bullying.“We are all healing from our wounds,” Japjee Singh said. Singh, 16, was bulled in his DeKalb County school to the point where words turned into fists.“I suffered from a nose break, to my jaws that are still swollen in some areas and they are broken, and bleed and black eyes scars all over,” Singh said. Singh had to undergo two surgeries and suffered deep emotional scars as well.“I was depressed,” Singh said. “What got me through it was my family. Honestly, my family every day encouraged me.”Singh is friends with the 12-year-old who was called a terrorist and said he knows what he is going through, and every other student regardless of race, religion, or background that are bullied on a daily basis.“It is not just him out there,” Singh said. “There are thousands of us out there that haven't been heard. Not everyone's video go viral. Those that are suffering right now, there is hope.”The Executive Director of Communication and Media Relations for Gwinnett County Public Schools, Sloan Roach, released this statement:"District officials were notified about this video today. We have begun an investigation into this matter. The first order of business is identifying the students involved. The students involved appear to be middle school aged. Based on the findings of the investigation, we will take appropriate disciplinary action." Singh said school districts in Atlanta and across the nation need to do more to protect kids from bullies.

“This needs to stop. We need to put an end to this,” Singh said. Copyright 2015 WGCL-TV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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