ATLANTA (CBS46) -- As a “Peeping Tom” in Midtown strikes again, a frustrated neighborhood says the notorious perpetrator is up to his old tricks.

“He’s done this before on this street and it’s terrifying,” said Sarah Buchanan, a Midtown resident.

Buchanan moved to an apartment complex on Myrtle Street NE from Buckhead over the summer, hoping for a safer neighborhood after several shootings near her old apartment.

But she’s already become a victim of this Midtown creeper two times – just four months after moving in.

“He comes over this way, and right when he gets to the window he ducks,” she explained. “You can kind of see where he comes to this corner. And he watches me from the corner.”

Buchanan said the first time she saw the man outside her apartment on Myrtle Street NE was in late July, when she got an unexpected alert on her phone from her Ring doorbell.

“I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. I was watching on my phone sitting on my couch,” she said. “I got up and turned on the lights and that’s when I called the cops.”

Buchanan said she did not file a police report that day. But after a near-identical situation happened Monday evening, she made a report less than 24 hours after the incident.

She also alerted her neighbors on social media.

“You post one thing and there are ten people or so who have had it happen to them or know somebody whose had it happen to them,” she explained.

One of those neighbors told CBS46 this man has been looking in windows for about four years. Some incidents over the years have been reported to police, but frustrated community members primarily air their grievances to one another.

Several people on the street tell CBS46 the man has never faced repercussions to their knowledge.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Atlanta police would not confirm the perpetrator outside Buchanan’s home is the same suspect in other incidents. When asked about a similar “Peeping Tom” incident across the street in 2019, Atlanta police told CBS46 the case was still under investigation.

Meantime, neighbors continue to express frustration and fear out of their own homes.

“Do you get a weapon? Stay inside?” asked Buchanan. “I think that’s the worst part – feeling like I’m trapped in my own house at this point.”

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