ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Neighbors in Piedmont Heights are sounding the alarm on what they call the "Halloween Grinch."

Early Monday morning, a man with blue hair was caught on doorbell video stealing Halloween decorations from front yards.

Harry Shuman is one of those frustrated homeowners now missing some of his décor.

“I felt violated,” said Shuman.

Shuman, who typically enjoys spooking others this time of year, now faces a nightmare of his own. His lifesize “Scary Girl” was snatched from his doorstep.

Shuman noticed the figurine missing later that day. He immediately reviewed his Nest video footage and was abhorred at what he saw.

“He looks at the door and snatches her and of course she was screaming and screeching the whole way which is what she usually does – if someone touches her she gets agitated,” he said. “This guy is truly the Grinch who stole Halloween.”

The video shows a man with blue hair creep up to Shuman’s doorstep, grab the three-feet tall doll, and run away.

"I don't know what's scarier -- her or him," said Shuman.

Shuman says “Scary Girl” moved and made noise when it sensed movement. It was a favorite for many kids in the neighborhood and had only been on display for a few days.

“People in Atlanta decorate a lot for Halloween. If you look around, they get into it as much as Christmas,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun - the kids enjoy it. We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, so I do it for them and it’s fun.”

A closer look at Shuman’s footage shows he isn’t the only victim on his street.

“He has two cemetery tablets I recognized he had stolen from my neighbor,” said Shuman. That neighbor later confirmed to Shuman her decorations were indeed taken that night.

Despite the frustration, Shuman can’t help but find a little humor in the disappearing act.

“I would like for the culprit to know she’s not vaccinated for COVID, so he needs to be wary,” he joked. “And I hope she puts a curse on him!”

Shuman said he doesn’t think he’ll file a police report. He says he and his neighbors just want their decorations back.

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