Mini mogul takes over Atlanta

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She was introduced to the world on the TLC show Little Miss Atlanta. Then Jai Lee went on to win Little Miss Georgia in 2014. But this young girl is just getting started.

“I auditioned like everyone else and I wound up getting picked and I mean it was an amazing experience of course I won.”

This January, the 10-year-old was picked to be on Nickelodeon’s Lip Synch Battle Shorties where she took home the prize. Her winning song choice came from her favorite musician.

“Nicki Minaj she’s my favorite because she’s a mogul she has a book bag line a lipstick with Mac she has a clothing line so that’s how I want to be with my career.”

Much like her inspiration Jai Lee is also focusing on her rap career. She just released the song slay the runway.

“OK so my overall goals is to get signed to a record label that would be awesome obviously, you can’t be a professional rapper without being signed and I guess every artist wants to be signed I want to be on tour with Nicki Minaj.”

But her work doesn’t end with music.In her spare time, she also runs a charity to help with homelessness in the metro area. Jai Lee also runs an anti-bullying campaign.

“So it started when I was four or five in the playground and a boy came up to me and said you’re very pretty but you’re fat and it hurt me emotionally and it made me feel bad mentally and I went to my mom and started crying and ever since that she started me an anti-bullying campaign and I’ve been an advocate for it ever since.”

And now the young mogul is also starting a lip balm business called Little Miss Lips. It is a full calendar for this 5th grader.

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