Mom outraged by video showing her teen daughter beat up at school

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- A DeKalb County teenager is on suicide watch after her mom says she was bullied and assaulted at school.

The whole incident was caught on camera.

Fourteen-year-old Cameron Wise’s mother spoke to CBS46’S Melissa Stern about the situation, and why she feels the school is protecting the bullies, not her daughter. 

Wise didn’t feel comfortable talking about the situation on camera, so her mother spoke on her behalf. She says she doesn’t feel comfortable sending her daughter back to Miller Grove High School, she also says she’s hiring an attorney and plans on pressing charges. 

“The tone in her voice told me something was wrong,” said Perkins, “She called me and said, mom can you come get me please. Her hair was all out, and her outfit looked torn up.” 

Denise Perkins and her daughter, Cameron Wise, just moved to the area from New York. Perkins says her daughter is the new girl and has been bullied since she started.

But this time was different.

Wise told her mom a girl texted her to come outside. She says a group of students surrounded her.

“When I spoke to the young lady in the yellow in the video, she told me that everybody in the class wanted to see your daughter get beat up,” added Perkins.

Wise went to the hospital, but instead of filing an incident report and contacting her mother, Perkins says they suspended her daughter along with the girl seen punching her. 

“He told me he had to suspend her because all the kids were saying she was the aggressor,” Perkins added. “You can’t suspend the victim.” 

Kids filmed the fight and posted it on social media. 

“And all the kids that recorded it, and stood there when the fight happened, that’s very awful of them,” said Perkins. “When I first saw the video, I screamed and I said I send my daughter to a school that’s like a zoo. I sent her there and she was attacked by these kids, those are animals, you don’t treat somebody like that, you don’t stomp somebody out like that.”

CBS46’s Melissa Stern reached out to the Dekalb County School District. They sent this statement:

“The safety and well-being of our students remain a top priority. There were two back to back altercations at Miller Grove High School on October 29, 2019. Both altercations took place after school on school property. An investigation was conducted, and students were issued consequences based on their participation in the altercation. Miller Grove High School will continue to monitor our students and ensure safety measures are followed.”

“It’s scary because you’re sending your kid to school, and you’re worrying about if they may come back home alive,” Perkins said. 

Perkins said she feels like the school was minimizing the situation.

“It was like they’re just trying to make it look like it was nothing, and it shouldn’t be a problem, but any parent that watches the video, they would understand that they wouldn’t want their kids to go through something like that,” Perkins said. “I’m not sending her back there, because she is traumatized, she is traumatized.”

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This is Dekalb County. Doesn’t matter what part of the county because I’ve lived all over from Lithonia to Dunwoody. The schools don’t know how to handle bullying. Not even the superintendents office because I’ve gone to them also. It’s sad. I’m sure it’s not only Dekalb county, but it’s worst in Dekalb. You see the houses/Apts are cheap but the area and SCHOOLS ARE HORRIBLE! I can’t wait to get out of Dekalb in May. Schools just don’t care about our children anymore from education to safety

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