COBB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) A Cobb County mom claims a school official tried to muzzle her about disgusting school conditions. This comes after CBS46's Brittany Edney first brought you the story about parents and students upset with sanitation issues at South Cobb High School.

Brandell Allison said Principal Clint Terza of South Cobb High School approached her on campus, Friday. She shared the audio conversation with us of what happened and explained how a few minutes after that discussion, she was forced to leave campus.

Allison said she was talking about our story on school conditions where we aired photos of cockroaches, rat droppings and water damage with another parent when Terza approached her.

"I didn't cause a disturbance," said Allison. "I wasn't loud, or rude or disrespectful."

Here is more of that conversation.

Allison: "You're saying I'm a disruption, like I'm saying something that is a lie."

Principal: "It is a lie."

Allison: "It is?"

Principal: "Yes"

Allison: "So you don't have..."

Principal: "There are no rats in the toilets."

Allison: "There's not? Would you like to see the video?

Principal: "That is not, that is not...that is photo-shopped, that was staged."

A few minutes later, Allison said the school resource officer told her she had to leave the property. "The officer stood there and waited until after I got my child," said Allison. "He was very patient and a very good gentleman."

Reporter Brittany Edney reached out to the district and asked where they were as far as looking into pictures from last week, and also about the alleged comments by Terza.

A spokesperson released this statement:

"The Cobb County School District is proud to have been serving students at South Cobb for the last 67 years and continue to be proud of the work and facility being led by Principal Terza. As any community member who walks on campus can immediately see, the referenced pictures are wildly inaccurate."

Reporter Brittany Edney wrote the school district back to ask about this Facebook post which appears to be made from the district's official Facebook: 

cobb county response to dirty school

In that post, it says, "Every Cobb school is regularly inspected. Most of the pictures referenced above were months old and have been resolved." The post was responding to a parent who was commenting about school conditions after CBS 46'S story.

She asked the district for clarification since their statement referred to pictures as "wildly inaccurate" while a Facebook response to a parent said "most" of the pictures were old and "have been resolved."

The district then responded back with an updated statement:

“Any real facility issues brought to Principal Terza’s attention have been resolved quickly and effectively AND the referenced pictures are wildly inaccurate.”

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