Mother of injured daughter hit by two vehicles speaks to CBS46

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Shun Monroe didn't think she'd still be inside Grady's Intensive Care Unit seven days after receiving one of the worst calls of her life.

"My world has been turned upside down," said Monroe." So its surreal right now but it hurts so so bad to know this is my child."

Her only daughter, 21-year-old Deja Crowder, was on her way to work last Saturday waiting at the bus stop near Jonesboro and Conley Road in Forest Park when the nightmare began.

"Just to see somebody doing your child like that like a rag doll this could be anybody baby," said Monroe.

Monroe says officials told her Crowder was hit by the first car around 7:45 p.m. and while attempting to stand up afterward she was again hit by a second vehicle. Both kept driving.

"They hit my daughter, they ran her over and drug her 37 feet down the road," said Monroe.

Crowder is a mother herself. She has two-year-old little girl.

"My granddaughter is asking for her mom, she hasn't seen her now for a week," said Monroe.

But now Monroe is left caring for her daughter and granddaughter, as well as with a list of questions as to who and why.

"I just want whoever it is to turn themselves in because right now my daughter is not doing well at all," said Monroe.

According to Monroe, Crowder may not be able to have anymore children. She will need therapy and doctors are concerned with her breathing.

"If you see my child laying on that table how she's laying there can't move can't fend for herself," said Monroe.

Now it's a plea for some answers.

"It could have been anybody's child. It could have been little kids standing at the bus stop. For you to just hit my daughter and leave her there," said Monroe.

Police believe the cars involved in the incident are a van and a black pickup truck. If you have any information regarding this investigation, contact Forest Park Police.

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