A Peachtree City man claims a bitter feud over a final paycheck ended with 500 pounds of pennies delivered to his driveway.

Andreas Flaten said when he submitted his two-week notice in writing last November, hell hath no fury like his frustrated boss.

"He froze and stared at me for like a straight minute...I remember this so clearly...he gets up, puts his hands on his head, walks out the door and disappears for like an hour,” said Flaten.

Flaten had worked at Walker Luxury Autoworks in Peachtree City for a year. He had known the owner for eight years. But Flaten said the constant turnover and toxic work environment took a toll.

Flaten claims on his last day, he delivered his uniforms washed and in a box complete with another letter explaining why he was leaving.

He said his boss promised his final check would be paid in January. It never arrived. He said his boss accused him of damages.

“I honestly at this point never expected him to pay,” said Flaten.

Flaten called Georgia’s Department of Labor. Five months later, he was paid, presumably the full $915 dollars... in pennies.

“That comes out to be like 504 pounds of pennies,” exclaimed Flaten.

“I have no where to put 'em. I had no idea what I was going to do like how do I get money from pennies?" added Flaten.

Criticism online calls for karma, calling the cash dump "petty." 

Flaten stored the pennies in his garage inside a large wheel barrel.

"Brand spanking new wheel barrel that is full to the brim. The ... wheels are like busted out to the side, flat..." he said.

Flaten and his girlfriend said all of the pennies are covered in some type of oil, and cannot be cashed in until they are cleaned.

CBS46 is working to get the owner's side of the story. Several after hours calls to Walker Luxury Autoworks have not been returned.

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The abused former employee may have a great way to get back at this toxic, abusive boss, aside from the general public support/outrage against wage theft and abuse of their employees, negative yelp and other reviews/boycott.

I suggest the former employee TEST the pennies to figure out what OIL is on them, the boss may have violated state and federal laws for disposing/dumping of oil. Contact state Environmental Protection Division and the EPA. This guy may be required to come clean up the mess, pay you directly and pay a fine. I hope the public also boycotts that dbag boss!

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