ATLANTA (CBS46) -- The stimulus package promises to help gig workers. Those in the movie industry left without work due to the Coronavirus are hoping they qualify.

But even with all this uncertainty, some people in the movie business are staying hopeful.

Like many working parents around the country, the owner of the craft service company I spoke with is dealing with a new normal of having no work while spending extra time at home.

Shaphawn Adams business “Team Catering and Craft Services” has been a hot spot on various movie and TV show sets for years.

“I moved to Atlanta almost 10 years ago from Michigan. My dad was already in the film industry working in the transportation department and the opportunity came up for craft services. My dad thought I would be perfect because I could cook,” said Adams.

But with the world dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, her job has been turned into a virtual ghost town.

“Because there’s no way to socially distance on a film set, like you’re too close, you were working very close quarters,” Adams said.

Losing her source of income has been an adjustment not only economically but also personally.

“I work with my crews 10, 14 hours a day. So I learn their diets, I learned likes or dislikes. I have certain days where I’m making fried chicken and that’ll brighten the whole set for the rest of the day. So when you’re working on a film set everybody becomes your family,” said Adams.

As many of self-isolate and practice social distancing, Adams is reaping a big reward she was unable to enjoy before the coronavirus.

“Believe it or not I’m doing my first love. I’m actually being a mom. When you work in film and TV your life is not your own. We don’t work a normal 9 to 5 schedule,” said Adams.

For her a key ingredient to coping with a crisis is remaining positive.

“I’m able to be at home and wake up and make my kids three meals, and to be able to sit and help with home school, virtual learning at home and just kind of an at home mom is new for me. It’s an adjustment for me because I have not lived that life in a very long time but I am enjoying it,” she added.

A global pandemic was not on the list of terrible things that could ruin her business. To soften the blow she focuses on her newfound happiness.

“Because at the end of the day you can have all the money in the world you can have all the worldly possessions but if you don’t have your family you really don’t have anything," she said. 

Adams is waiting to see if she qualifies for the stimulus check and how much she will receive.

Like many Americans she’s waiting for that check to come.

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