Tybee Island Lighthouse missing door knob case

Man Tybee Island police want to identify in the case of a missing historic door knob.

UPDATE June 10, 2021 (CBS46) - The 155-year-old door knob from the Tybee Island Lighthouse has been located - in Indiana.  

After a post on the Tybee Island police Facebook was shared roughly 3,000 times with in 24 hours, TIPD have the identity of the man pictured in a post about the missing historic door knob.  One of the tips lead Tybee Island police detectives to outside Georgia.  They reached out to Greene County Indiana Sheriff's office who confirmed the identity of the man pictured.  

GCSO deputies recovered the stolen door knob from the man's home.  Charges are pending.  Arrangements were made to get the door knob back to its rightful place in the Tybee Island Lighthouse. 

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (CBS46) - As a mystery swirls around a missing piece of an iconic landmark of Georgia’s coastline, the state representative urges Georgians to help the historic location.

A door knob is missing from the historic Tybee Island Lighthouse.  The knob is not an ordinary object in this case.  It is brass and 155-years-old according to Tybee Island Police who have reached out to the public via its Facebook page.  TIPD hopes to a get a lead in the mystery from its posting. 

The historic knob was from the exterior door at the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse.  It went missing on June 3, 2021.  The next day, the crew at the Lighthouse made a post about the door knob on Facebook and asked the person responsible to return the item, giving them an opportunity to do so with “no questions asked”.  To this date, the door knob has not been returned. 

A review of the Lighthouse surveillance footage appears to show a man removing the knob from the door and placing it in the cargo pocket of his shorts according to the police post.  Tybee Island police released a picture of man detectives want to question in the disappearance of the brass door knob along with this message: 

We’d like YOUR help in finding out exactly who he is, and if possible, recovering the stolen item. While it may seem like just a doorknob to some, to all those who love Tybee, it’s an important piece of the island’s history.

The lighthouse stands 145 feet tall and dates back to 1736, making it the oldest and tallest in Georgia.

While the mystery of the missing door knob carries on, Georgia State Representative Jesse Petrea (R-Savannah) announced the two final designs of the proposed Tybee Island Lighthouse license plate to support the Tybee Island Historical Society. 

Tybee Island special lighthouse tag

One of two final license plate designs for Tybee Island Lighthouse. 

There are two designs Georgians are asked to choose.  Petrea introduced Georgia House Bill 203 to create the special plate.  Georgians can begin voting on their choice of design June 8, 2021.

“The Tybee Island Historical Society helps protect and maintain one of our most beloved coastal Georgia treasures, the Tybee Island lighthouse and museum,” said Chairman Petrea. “I encourage all Georgians to support the future of the historical society and help make this special license plate a reality by voting for a final design and preordering their own plate before September 1.”

This historical society will collect preorders of the tag and tally the votes for the preferred design.  In order for the bill to be passed during the 2022 legislative session, 1,000 of these specialty tags must be pre-purchased.

Tybee Island final plate design

The second of two final license plate designs for Tybee Island Lighthouse. 

To vote for one of the two final designs, please visit www.tybeelighthouse.org/license-plate-poll.  For more information on HB 203, please click here.  For more information on preordering the proposed license plate, please click here.

In the case of the missing door knob, Tybee Island police has asked the public to contact Detective Travis LeGuin at (912)786-5600 with any information about the man pictured or any pertinent information on the case.

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