Thousands of pennies, dumped at Andreas Flatens house in the middle of the night as a form of payment for his final check from A OK Walker Luxury Auto shop, according to him.

“Probably a thousand dollars’ worth of pennies and a little love note,” said Andreas girlfriend in a video of the incident. 

They were also covered in oil.

“They’re covered in something, don’t know what it is but it smells funny,” said Andreas girlfriend.

Andreas said he left the auto shop because of a toxic working environment.

The man behind stunt according to Andreas is the auto shop owner Miles Walker and it seems like he’s not the only one who left because of working conditions.

“While working for him, he was my manager, pardon my language," said Cerena Wandersee who worked under walker before he became the owner for three years. "But he said you think you have a bigger d**k than any of the boys, well we’re going to prove that right now and he decided to de-pants me in the lobby and thought it was funny."

The other employees I spoke with say they too experienced a toxic environment.

“Ripping up peoples paychecks their last checks In front of their face,” said Eric Melendez who worked for Walker for two years.

I spoke with Walker in-person about the pennies and recorded the conversation.

“May I ask you at all about the pennies? Do you know anything about them?” asked CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy.

“I know tons about it, what’s wrong with it?” said Walker.

“So, you did drop the pennies over at that person’s house?” asked Jamie.

“I don’t know if I did that or not, I don’t really remember,” said Walker.

“You don’t know if you did it or not?” asked Jamie.

“It doesn’t matter he got paid, that’s all that matters, he’s a f*****g weenie for even bringing it up,” said Walker.

It seemed like too much of a stretch to ask for a penny for his thoughts.

“Why is he a weenie for bringing it up?” asked Jamie.

“Because he is and because you guys give him a platform,” said Walker. “I just told you exactly what I had to say, you guys are what’s wrong with the world get the f*** off my property."

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