Some Dekalb County homeowners fed up with their local government turned to CBS46 for help. They said they have not been able to get code enforcement to help clean-up a blighted property in their stone mountain neighborhood.

Linda Rice describes the home next door as down right disgusting.

"Mattresses of course, a sofa, suitcases, all kinds of trash," said Rice.

Needless to say, the abandoned property on Allgood Road is not all good.

"It makes this neighborhood look like we belong in a third world country and that I hate," said Rice.

She said the last people who rented the home were evicted a couple of months ago and all of their stuff has been sitting in the front yard ever since.

"And over here we have our piano," said Rice.

And it’s the same ole song and dance in Dekalb County.Sshe said nothing works, not even code enforcement. "So the neighborhood has been calling code enforcement, everybody, the commissioners, the CEO, the COO. Nothing has been done," said Rice.

So CBS46 contacted Dekalb County officials and they said code enforcement has cited the property four times in five years and they’re working to identify the owner and clean-up the property.

"You are the only advocate for this community right now," said Rice.

Andrew Cauthen, III sent CBS46 the following statement regarding the issue:Since 2013, DeKalb County Code Enforcement has issued several warnings which led to four cases for violations at 902 Allgood Road, Stone Mountain. Code Enforcement currently has an open case against this location and is working to identify the owner in order to bring the property into compliance.

In June, all DeKalb property owners were encouraged to participate in DeKalb County Sanitation Division’s Operation Spring Clean Sweep, a free bulky item pickup during which 2,300 tons of items were collected.

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