Neighbors soon could get resolution in complaints about noisy UPS facility

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People who live near a UPS distribution center are trying to fight the shipping giant in court. They say they can't get any peace and quiet because the facility makes too much noise.

They're happy that UPS is doing so well financially, but unfortunately for them, as more people shop online, the constant loading and unloading of trucks as well as trucks coming and going is driving them crazy.

People who live in the Northcrest neighborhood have complained to UPS even though the shipping company has been located on Pleasantdale Road long before they moved in the neighborhood.

So while UPS has made attempts to be a good neighbor, some say they haven’t done enough.

UPS sent CBS46 the following statement last year regarding the matter.UPS has had our hub operation off Pleasantdale Road in a zoned industrial/commercial area for 40 years. It was first built in 1977 and then had a major expansion in 1985. It’s a 24x7 operation for both tractor trailer movement, package processing and the dispatch of the familiar brown trucks for local package delivery. There are safety requirements as you’ve noted to honk horns or beepers for the tractors or what we call shifters as they move trailers around the yard and on and off loading doors.

DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester and her new Chief of Staff Mike Davis have been helpful to bring UPS together several times with residential neighbors over the past year to hear concerns. Most recently at an early January meeting, we received positive feedback from many folks who appreciated actions we’ve taken and acknowledgment that newer homeowners may not have assessed activity in the area when they were visiting properties.

In the past year, UPS has

·adjusted the shifter warning beepers to the lowest level allowed for safety

·enhanced shifter and driver training

·reinforced protocols with new signage to only use the horn for backing requirements, turn off beam lights while waiting and assure trailers at a proper height so there is no drag to cause noise (see attached image of sign)

·converted light poles to new LED down-facing fixtures

·planted additional fast-growing Leyland Cypress across property line

·notified neighborhoods of specific periods of construction.

We presented these actions to the County to show multiple efforts to engage with neighbors and work to address their concerns.CBS46 has learned the court proceedings are in their final stages and a judge is expected to make a decision in the next couple of weeks. The judge will decide if the case will be thrown out or if penalties will be imposed on UPS.

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