ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- We all have friends who own a closet full of heels or sneakers. The obsession is real!

A new comedy series taps into the sub-culture of collectors who will go to extreme lengths to get the shoes of their dreams. But it's also about friendship, which everyone can relate to. 

They say you can tell a lot about a person by what they wear, and for many shoe collectors sneakers are everything. "Sneakerheads" is Netflix's latest series brought to viewers by Atlanta filmmaker Jay Longino. His passion for sneakers started as a teen when Michael Jordan gifted him a pair of shoes right after a Hawks game.

Jay's mom later mistakenly sold them.

"Her sneaker game was not on point and so she put the wrong pair in the wrong box. Yeah, it was a devastating moment as a kid," recalled Jay.

The devastating moment was the inspiration for his new show.

"The whole show is about our lead character played by Allen Maldonado trying to track down that exact shoe, a pair of white cement Jordan 4s."

In the series, the character Devin finds himself $5,000 in debt. He then works to get his money back with the help of a group of fellow shoe fanatics. This kicks-centered world is very much alive in Atlanta.

One place you'll see sports, hip hop and luxury meet is Wish ATL Boutique. Wish CEO Julie Hogg travels all over the world to bring the latest fashion trends to Atlanta.

"It really is a melting pot and it's so good to see a mixture of the community in once place, and it's all brought together by sneakers really," said Julie.

And although the show is called sneakerheads, it's not just about shoes. It's about the passion of friendship.

"Sneakerheads" the six-episode series is set to premiere on Netflix September 25.

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