New ad aims to connect Atlanta mayoral candidate with President Trump

Source: WGCL

At a southwest Atlanta forum Monday night, Atlanta mayoral candidates were pitching to a packed room of senior citizens about affordable housing, transportation, food and financial stability. The forum was supposed to be free of attacks but that all changed after an advertisement came on the television.

(Television advertisement playing) "Is Mary Norwood a Republican? She voted in 12 republican primaries and her Treasure is an unabashed Trump supporter."

The Georgia Democratic Party is throwing an onslaught of suspicion on candidate Mary Norwood, asking her about her preferred political party. CBS46 showed Norwood the ad and she completely disagrees.

"That is categorically false," said Norwood. "I am not a Republican, I am a progressive independent and I have voted in both primaries and when you look at my entire voting record, it's much more heavily Democratic. I have no connection with President Trump. I have no connection whatsoever. I don't know the president and I have decried and condemned the behavior and practices that are hostile. That are borish and that are white supremacist."

CBS46 showed the ad to her challenger, Keisha Lance Bottoms. She thinks the ad is accurate.

"Well, you can look at her voting record," said Bottoms. "She voted more than 12 times for Republican candidates and was also a delegate to the Republican National Convention. That doesn't sound like an independent to me."

We reached out to the Georgia Democratic Party about the ad. They sent us this statement:

"Atlanta voters deserve to know the truth about Mary Norwood and her values. From what we do know, the facts speak for themselves."

The two will square off in a run-off election on December 5.

WATCH the ad below

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