One Atlanta artist is marking this historic day with a Kamala Harris mural finished just in time for the inauguration. The message is small, but the meaning is huge.

'Dream big' is the tiny sentence stamped on the mural which shows the progression of the Vice President from toddler, to college student, to present day political powerhouse.

Each shade on the wall at Cascade and Beecher Road was painted with intention. But, it's not about the colors for Ashley Dopson.

"This ain't even a black or white thing, this ain't left or right, this ain't a red or blue thing."

The muralist says she does not have a way with words but she does with art, so she picked up a brush to write this story, a tribute to Vice President Kamala Harris. The first Black, Asian-American, and woman to hold the office.

"For me as a woman, it made me feel like 'wow.' Dopson continued, "I think it's doubly exciting to see a brown woman, a woman of ethnicity because we go through so many struggles and so many challenges and need to break those barriers. It's awesome."

Dopson is breaking barriers herself too. The single mom is creating a name for her art business, trying to lead the local muralist industry which she says is dominated by men. And it's the VP's rise to political power that reminds even those with the least, there's hope for the most.

"I hope that it inspires not only little girls, but grown people too because we have dreams that we haven't fulfilled yet."

CBS46's Ciara Cummings watched as people pulled over for photos in front of the mural today while some others marveled from the nearby barbershop. Dopson says catching a glimpse of it might offer the picture to your best possible future. It's what she aimed to illustrate on the old stone blocks.

"Man, if only little girls and college kids and teenager can see that you don't just become this powerful person, it's a journey," Dopson said. "I am so proud of you, Vice President Harris."

Dopson finished painting the mural at the end of last year but it's just now debuting. Between teaching and being a mother, it took her about 50 hours altogether to complete the piece.

The southwest Atlanta mural is located directly across from Providence Missionary Baptist Church, at the corner of Cascade Road and Beecher Road.

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