ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Thousands of Atlanta residents are now able to put an affordable roof over their heads after the city of Atlanta passed a city ordinance preventing landlords from denying government-issued rental vouchers.

Despite the good news, veteran Wayne Glenn says the problem runs much deeper.

“My time is running out. I got about two more weeks and this voucher is over” said Glenn.

He’s among the nearly 1,700 people in Atlanta that were given a housing voucher last year. Only 650 of them found a place to call home. Bottom line, most of these vouchers are not accepted by landlords.

“The voucher I got in late October, that the Atlanta House Authority gave me, I’ve been using it to look ever since. But every property they gave me it’s either they don’t take the voucher or it’s a six month waiting list” Glenn added.

But Glenn doesn’t have six months. He’s currently homeless and staying on his sister's couch. Although he has a roof over his head, it is not the most realistic housing situation considering his sister lives about two hours from his job.

Atlanta Housing Authority says Glenn's not alone. They currently have 2,432 properties in the program and all of them are rented, leaving nothing for the remaining voucher holders.

Housing Authority officials say the issue is partly to blame on the negative stigma associated with renting to Section 8 recipients. In fact, last year about 1,055 people with vouchers were unable to find housing in the city.

On February 17, Atlanta City Council approved historic legislation preventing landlords from denying government housing vouchers. As for Glenn, he is still on his sister’s couch.

“They just don’t care about the necessity or the urgency of the veterans needs,” he added.

His sister Deon Warner says they’ve turned to every organization they can think of to help but have gotten nowhere.

“They specifically told me we can’t help unless he’s homeless on the street and is in a shelter and that right there to me didn’t make any sense." 

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