Georgia governor Brian Kemp made it clear. Enough is enough.

“We’re rolling out more reforms and legislation that will help us end human trafficking in the peach state for good,” Governor Brian Kemp said.

In fact, First Lady Marty Kemp says the state is doubling down.

She tweeted, each month about 374 girls are sex trafficked in Georgia and that’s 374 too many.

“In 2020 we work to bring stronger penalties of human trafficking offenses including foster parents and commercial drivers,” announces First Lady Marty Kemp.

“It’s fantastic that the governor office and the First Lady are making this a priority because we never want to think that we’ve arrived as a state,” said Atlanta Dream Center Executive Director Jeff Shaw.

New legislation would act as a voice for the voiceless.

Legislation 1 H.B. 823:

- Lifetime commercial driver's license ban on anyone convicted of trafficking

Legislation 2 H.B. 911:

- Strengthens penalties for offenses of sexual misconduct by a foster parent.

Legislation 3 S.B. 435:

- Allow victims of human trafficking to change their names to protect their privacy. Another would allow victims to sue their traffickers in state court.

“It’s real and it’s happening on a major level last year we were the six highest call volume to the national human trafficking hotline, says Shaw.

Shaw believing the passing of this legislation would champion the voices of survivors.

“This legislation is going to continue to increase the pathways for survivors to get things off of their criminal records so they can live in better housing and get better jobs,” said Shaw.

With the grace commission and support from the community First Lady Marty Kemp is determined to make a change.

“I promise you we will not rest until every victim is rescued and every trafficker or is behind bars,” First Lady Marty Kemp said.

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