White House releases results of Trump's annual physical

President Donald Trump weighs 244 pounds, stands 6 feet 3 inches, has a blood pressure of 121/79 mmHG and a resting heart rate 63 beats per minute, the White House said in a summary of his annual physical.

WASHINGTON (CBS46) -- Bright red warning signs should be flashing inside the President Donald Trump re-election campaign if the results of a new Politico/Morning Consult poll are accurately reading the sentiment of the nation’s voters.

Overall, the poll found 70 percent of registered voters said the country is on the wrong track and 58 percent disapproved of the job President Trump is doing in the White House. Just 39 percent of registered voters said they approve of Trump’s job performance int he poll. But deeper in the numbers showed many areas where the president has major problems with voters.

According to the poll, 54 percent of registered voters said the somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with classifying President Trump as a strong leader. When it came to trustworthiness, 59 percent somewhat or strongly disagreed that Trump is trustworthy. Another 53 percent disagreed with the statement that President Trump “is knowledgeable.”

Fifty-nine percent of registered voters said they at least somewhat agree with the statement that “Donald Trump is sexist,” while another 54 percent agreed with the statement saying, “Donald Trump is racist.” Sixty-four percent said they agreed, “Donald Trump is reckless.” Another 59 percent said they somewhat or strongly disagree with the statement, “Donald Trump is honest.”

A majority of registered voters in the poll also somewhat or strongly disagreed with saying: “Donald Trump is stable; Donald Trump is a strong global leader; Donald Trump is religious; and Donald Trump is compassionate.”

With the election less than five months away, President Trump is facing a tall task to convince voters to give him a second term. However, as with 2016, polls looking at the Trump have often proven to be incorrect. Still, trends are starting to develop with the president trailing his Democratic opponent Joe Biden by double-digits in some polls and just a bit less in others.

As of June 11, 2020, the Real Clear Politics national polling average has former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump 49.8 percent to 41.7 percent. Since the calendar turned to 2020, President Trump has led in a national poll just once, an Emerson College poll conducted from 2/16-2/18, according to Real Clear Politics.

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