ATLANTA (CBS46) -- A new study out of NYU questioning the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine against the COVID variants has people all stirred up.

“I got my J&J vaccine in April and since then it’s mostly been bad news,” said Debashri Sengupta, who along with her family have had the J&J vaccine.

The CDC said the delta variant accounts for around 83 percent of new infections. The new study making people question the J&J vaccine.

“I don’t know how good or bad this vaccine is against the Delta variant,” said Debashri.

And asking.

“I’m just wondering do I need a booster,” said Debashri.

 Debashri knows firsthand the seriousness of this new variant.

“In India one of my cousins lost her husband, he lost another sister, and his mother, it was very rough for a while,” said Debashri.

There are doctors who are on record saying they are recommending people with the J&J vaccine get a booster.

And others who agree an extra shot isn’t bad.

“It would be a little extra insurance,” said Dr. Robin Dretler, an infectious disease specialist.

J&J said it stands by its own research around the vaccine’s effectiveness against the variants, the CDC also backing the company and not saying people yet need a booster.

Several Georgians who are fully vaccinated with either of the vaccines have been recorded as contracting the virus again.

According to CDC data, currently Georgia sits at number 44 for state vaccination rate.

Only two county’s in Georgia have over 50 percent of the population fully vaccinated.

Experts believing there really is only one way now to get more people vaccinated.

“I wish that we just started having policies saying if you are fully vaccinated you may come into this restaurant, this movie theatre, this store,” said Dr. Dretler. "And if not that's fine, that's your choice, but you can't choose to expose other people and be a threat to them, so you stay out. I think that is a very reasonable approach."

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