newnan pigs

Courtesy of Newnan Police Department

NEWNAN, Ga. (CBS46) — A pair of pigs are wreaking havoc on a Newnan neighborhood and no one seems to know where they came from. 

They're making front lawns their homes and their buffets. 

People in the Fox Ridge neighborhood tell us the pigs showed up a few weeks ago.

"Thelma and Louise have been kind of terrorizing the community with cuteness and terrorizing the grass," said Damian Reeves, who lives in the community with his family.

One man, who didn't want to go on camera, said they ruined his yard.

"It just looks like somebody came through and trampled the area," said Reeves about his neighbor's yard.

He says his also has similar damage. "They take their nose and dig under the dirt. They're always usually together, just rooting around in the grass, snorting. They're pretty loud animals."

However, others living in the neighborhood say while they're ready to see the pigs go, they are somewhat enjoying their company.

"Look at him playing and laying down. He's like a little dog," said Amy Sabatino.

She says she's been working with animal control to earn the pigs' trust so they can help catch them. "Day one he wouldn't even come in our yard and now he's eating out of my hand so..." said Sabatino. "We're afraid somebody's going to hurt him or he's going to get hit by a car."

Newnan Police tell us reports of loose domestic pigs are rare and they believe the two were someone's pets which somehow got out.

Coweta County Animal Control says pigs have been known to root up yards and destroy gardens but aren't a threat to other domesticated animals.

"I kind of want to provide a community barbecue once they're caught," said Reeves.


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