Officer prevents woman from jumping off Moreland Ave. bridge

(Source: WGCL)

Atlanta Police Officer Lisa McGhaw knows just how critical a conversation can be after talking a woman off the ledge of a bridge.

“These situations are real to them and we too should take it serious and be real,” said McGhaw.

CBS 46 chopper footage showed McGhaw convincing the woman not jump off the bridge over I-20 on the morning of Oct. 15.

The two were seen talking for more than an hour while sharing personal stories over a smoke.

“She made a request for a cigarette,” said the officer. “I went to my vehicle and got her a cigarette and everything started pouring out.”

McGhaw credits the department’s mandatory crisis intervention training for saving this woman’s life.

“The importance of it, is to get them as comfortable as possible by using words or gestures or just merely listening.”

As McGhaw listened, traffic stopped and an conversation about mental health issues was had.

“No I’m not a hero. She’s alive because I was able to explain to her the importance of being her and being relevant.”

In the footage, viewers can see the officer hugging the woman before she’s taken away on a stretcher to a local hospital.

While Officer McGhaw repeatedly denies being a hero, her coworkers at the Atlanta Police Department say she is responsible for saving this woman’s life.

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