PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- K9 Verro had been a member of the Paulding County Sheriff's Department for over seven years.

On July 19 he was shot and killed in the line of duty. The strange and unfortunate thing is, it was by one of his fellow deputies.

He and his partner Corporal Kilgore were responding to a male suspect who had fled on foot. Corporal Kilgore spotted the man jumping fences, left his car to pursue the suspect, and K9 Verro.

Dog and handler form a special bond, and through the intense situation of sirens and radio, K9 Verro was hyped up. He was able to fit through a partially opened section of his on board kennel to the front cabin and out through a partially opened window.

No officers knew the dog was out.

K9 Verro’s training kicked into gear and he attacked a fellow Paulding County deputy also involved in the foot pursuit.

"He actually bit the deputy in the back of the leg,” said Sgt. Henson. “And as these dogs are trained, they're trained to bite and hold, and the deputy not knowing the dog had been released, pulled his service weapon and discharged it, striking and killing K9 Verro."

The officer received puncture wounds and scratches to his leg.

The unfortunate incident has left everyone devastated.

"This has been heart wrenching on our agency because we are very family oriented tight knit agency."

The sheriff's department says during the hot summer months K9's will only wear bullet proof vests that would identify them in dangerous situations. So the officer involved would have had no idea the dog attacking him was part of his team.

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