Officials: Fire caused by woman heating apartment with stove

Source: WGCL

Temperatures dropped into the forties Sunday night and that's not unusual for this time of year.

But it is chilly enough to prompt some people to take risks to stay warm. Early Sunday morning, fire crews were called to the Peachcrest Apartments in DeKalb County after a woman was trying to hear her apartment with her stove.

"For us in the fire service that is problematic because that's not necessarily how we want people to hear their places of dwelling," said Captain Jackson with DeKalb County Fire rescue.

Jackson says using an oven for heat can be incredibly unsafe and could lead to fire like the one at the Peachcrest Apartments.

"The radiant heat from that flame is going right up into what's typically seen as the ventahood which is right up above it," said Jackson. "Well constant heat source is going to eventually heat it up to where it ignites and starts a fire."

Jackson says if you don't have heat in your residence, get the problem fixes as soon as possible.

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