Officials vote to relocate Confederate monument on Decatur Square

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DeKalb County officials voted Tuesday morning to move the Confederate monument on Decatur Square.

Commissioners approved a resolution that would allow the removal process to begin. The 30 foot monument currently sits outside the old Decatur courthouse.

The monument was built in 1908, more than 40 years after the Civil War ended. The initials C.S.A. are engraved all around the monument, which stands for Confederate States of America.

Inscriptions on the monument praise Confederate soldiers and sailors.

Under Georgia law, the monument can not be destroyed or kept from public view. If the resolution passes, commissioners will spend thirty days collecting proposals on where to put the statue.

The DeKalb County Commissioners voted to move Decatur Square Confederate monument 6-1. The only no vote was from Nancy Jester.

People who live in DeKalb County are still split on what should be done.

"Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it. It's been here forever. I don't think they should remove history from downtown Decatur," said resident Christian Sokol.

Other residents, like Amanda Gonzalez, want the monument gone.

"I would like it not to be in Decatur Square," says Gonzalez. "I think most of the civil war monuments should be in a place with all the other civil war artifacts."

Commissioners will now collect proposals over the next 30 days to determine where to relocate the monument.

Dekalb Co Commissioners vote to move Decatur Square confederate monument 6-1 @nancy_jester voted no @cbs46— Daniel Wilkerson (@WilkersonCBS46) January 23, 2018

The Decatur monument is one of several Confederate memorials across metro Atlanta. There are 174 publicly-supported spaces across the state dedicated to the Confederacy. Others in metro Atlanta include: Confederate Memorial Carving at Stone Mountain Park The Obelisk at Oakland Cemetery The Peace Monument in Piedmont Park The John Brown statue at the State Capitol Confederate Brigadier General Alfred Iverson Jr. Monument Eternal Flame of the Confederacy Monument in Atlanta The Confederate memorial in McDonough Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument, Myrtle Hill Cemetery in RomeAlso, Atlanta's Joseph E. Brown Middle School is named for the former Governor of Georgia who was a strong Confederate supporter.

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