ATLANTA (CBS46) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is putting out the word that measles cases are coming back strong this year. People are getting the warning.

“I actually saw an article online,” Chelsea Peoples said.

CBS46 discovered in CDC data 555 cases in 20 states are confirmed. This is the second greatest number of cases since 2000.

Georgia and Florida are two of those states in our area with measles cases and that worries some people.

“I’ve been following it on the news and I’m very concerned about it,” Wendell Johnson said. “Obviously because of my general health and welfare as well as my family.”

That concern has some people looking to find out if they are at risk.

“Measles is not one of those things you see often,” Any Lab Test Now office medical assistant Lacretia Waller said. “So since then people are coming in to verify whether or not they are immunized or whether or not they have the measles itself.”

Waller said they can run a test to see if you have the measles if you have symptoms; or they can test to see if you've had your immunization.

“We’ll do a blood vein puncture on you and process the specimen, ship it to the lab and when it’s resulted we’ll send you the results in one to three days,” Waller said.

Many reasons can factor into increased measles cases. More travelers get measles abroad and bring it into the U.S. further spreading measles in communities of unvaccinated people. The majority of people who got measles were unvaccinated.

“I’m afraid of the anti-vaxxers that are not having their children and babies vaccinated and that harms the rest of us,” Deborah Benefield said.

The CDC said if you've been vaccinated you don't need a booster shot. Very few people that are vaccinated, about 3 out of 100, will still get measles for some unknown reason. But usually symptoms are milder and you are less likely to spread it to other people.

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