ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- The critically acclaimed comedy "One Day at a Time" premieres on CBS Monday with back-to-back episodes.

"One Day at a Time" is a hilarious and heartfelt comedy that follows three generations of a Cuban-American family navigating the ups and downs of life in Los Angeles.

Rita Moreno is among a small group of artists to have an Emmy, GRAMMY, Oscar and a Tony. She's also one of the stars of "One Day at a Time." The iconic actress became a legend portraying Anita in the film "West Side Story." In 1962 she became the first Latina to win an Oscar for her role.

"People ask me about who was your role model. I look at them and say seriously? Role models at that time there was nobody," says Rita about how she had to forge her own path.

"And do everything you could to represent a nationality that nobody was very familiar with or a nationality people looked down on," she adds.

Without much representation in the industry, Rita ended up in psychotherapy.

"Really because of that for eight years on and off, and thank goodness I did that. It was the smartest and kindest thing I ever did for myself," recalls the actress.

The trailblazer is now a lead on CBS' latest sitcom as the spicy, layered grandmother Lydia. The show premiered on Netflix in 2017 for three season, but the streaming service pulled the plug.

Now, "One Day at a Time" is hoping to find a permanent base on CBS which makes it the only Latino show on any network. The sitcom will showcase the Cuban-American family tackling issues like mental illness, sexism and homophobia.

Playing Lydia's passionate teenage granddaughter is Colombian-American actress Isabella Gomez.

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