LAGRANGE, Ga. (CBS46) -- Shooting to disarm or injure instead of shooting to kill a suspect is what the LaGrange Police Department is training officers to do. 

The new policy is the first of its kind in Georgia and in the country and it comes as activists demand policing reform. The chef says deputies across the U.S. are trained to shoot "center mass" meaning deadly fire to the chest or head. 

This training teaches officers to aim below the torso now. The department is hoping other law enforcement agencies follow their lead. 

"This is an alternative that will be able to be applied in a way that preserves life and at the same time preserves that necessary ingredient for public safety which is the public trust and confidence," said LaGrange Police Department Chief Louis Dekmar.  "As we develop different practices, we share those, and we all learn from each other and I think this will be another opportunity to do that."

Chief Dekmar reported that since training started this week, they've heard from other departments in Albany and Gwinnett who want to implement this alternative too. 

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Officers are trained to shoot center of mass or take headshots because that is the fastest way to stop the perpetrator. Shooting them in the arm or leg etc. may not incapacitate them immediately which would allow perpetrators to continue harming others. This is a VERY STUPID strategy.

Jake from State Farm

I suppose these officers will now be crucified and cities will burn if they accidentally hit an armed suspect in the torso.

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