Oprah donates $13M to Morehouse

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Oprah Winfrey made a surprise announcement on Monday during a visit to Morehouse College to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her scholars program.

The philanthropist donated $13 million dollars to continue the scholarship fund, pushing her total investment to $25 million.

Winfrey said she was thrilled that the gift that launched the Oprah Winfrey Endowed Scholarship 30 years ago has touched so many lives. Winfrey said she was especially impressed with the current Oprah Scholars that she met Monday. She pledged to continue to fund the program so it could support the education of future men of Morehouse.

Winfrey said she gave to Morehouse College in 1989 because she believes that the college has a “moral core” and a mission to develop servant leaders focused on excellence — something that is like the teachings she learned as a child.

Winfrey said in a statement:

I felt that the very first time I came here. The money was an offering to support that in these young men. I understand that African-American men are an endangered species. They are so misunderstood. They are so marginalized. Where and when I can lend support to try to change that image, I do. That is what Morehouse is doing. It is saying ‘This is who we really are.’

More than 500 people attended Monday’s tribute to Winfrey at Morehouse College. Winfrey’s total investment of $25 million is the largest endowment in the college’s history.

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