You can see in the video – from a witness and the police officer’s body camera -- an officer throwing a mother to the ground, all while she's half naked.

Police said the woman was resisting arrest and lost her pants in the struggle. Many people feel the arrest could have been handled differently.

“I see the police just manhandling this lady and her pants down,” said Alfonso Dennis, who happened to be driving by when he came across police attempting to arrest 21-year-old Breonna Bell.

He caught the whole thing on camera.

“The police just grabbed her, and just slammed her, like a wrestling match or something,” Dennis told CBS46 reporter Melissa Stern in an exclusive interview.

The incident report said Bell called police to open her car because she was locked out. Upon arrival, police realized she had warrants out for her arrest for failure to appear. The officer tried to arrest her, but said she resisted.

“Continuously asking for her to put her hands behind her back, officers then arrived, were able to secure her in handcuffs. Immediately after she was secured in handcuffs, her pants, which had fallen down in the process, were brought back up and she was then covered,” said Captain Ken Malcom, with City of Covington Police Department.

Captain Malcom said based on the officer’s bodycam footage, she was given clear instructions but wouldn’t comply with the officer’s commands.

“The officer was attempting to get her to release the child to an aunt sitting in the car, but she did not want to do that,” Captain Malcom added.

Police said Bell had a 7-month-old baby in her left arm as the officer held onto her right arm.

“She sits down in the vehicle and actually drops the baby and fortunately the baby landed on her bottom and was not injured,” Malcom said. But some people feel this could have been handled differently.

“That wasn’t even professional, that was brutality,” said Dennis, “She was screaming, she was screaming…it sounded like a horror movie. Everybody needs to see that, it could’ve been them. If it were my sister or something, it would have been ugly.”

Bell now faces charges for obstruction and cruelty to children.

In response to the ordeal, the New Order National Human Rights Organization will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 14 at the Covington Police Department located at 1143 Oak St SE, Covington, GA 30014.

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