DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Amal is a Dekalb County parent who is speaking out after receiving what she says is unsafe food from the Dekalb County School District.

“It was just disgusting, they could not eat the food,” said Amal Abdulmalik whose children attend DeKalb County Schools.

Kids in DeKalb are currently doing virtual learning, but are still able to pick up food provided by the school district.

Amal has found more than one not so delightful surprise with her kid’s meals.

“Two of the six milks they sent were spoiled, the grilled cheese sandwiches was inedible,” said Amal. 

And she’s not alone. A number of parents took to social media to express similar experiences. One parent said the milk they received came out in large solid chunks.

Another parent told CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy she couldn’t believe what was served.

“I feel like the food being given out is very old because I received moldy fruit in my bag for my children,” said the DeKalb County parent who didn't want to be identified.

Parents say with kids home because of the pandemic grocery bills are going up, and being able to receive these meals from the district is crucial for some families.

Still, the food being served is leaving too much of a bitter taste for some parents.

“Now I don’t trust the food at all,” said the parent.

"They are serving the children old food from the summer or before and somebody’s going to get sick,” said Amal.

One of the parents forwarded an email they received from the district after complaining to CBS46.

In the email, the district apologizes and stated it would not happen again along with offering to replace the food.

Parents affected said they won't be risking their child's health with the food being served.

The school district sent the following statement:

DeKalb County School District school nutrition has systems in place to ensure quality food. All schools were given the following guidelines:

Schools will inspect all deliveries to ensure that the food item is delivered with the DCSD receiving standards e.g. quality and temperature control.

Food items that are stored prior to being assembled in the delivery bags will be reinspected to ensure quality.

Retraining will be provided to School Nutrition Services employees on product receipt, storage, and service.

Perishable items will be bagged on the day of meal distribution.

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