CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Parents in Carroll County have been in disbelief after finding out the school district decided to go against the Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 recommendations concerning the time students spend in quarantine.

A concerned parent sent CBS46' Jamie Kennedy an email from a DPH representative which reads, "The Carrollton City School District has decided to use different guidelines which we were made aware of this past week."

In discussion with Carrollton City School District leadership about the difference, they stand by their guidance. Families in the district however are confused by the approach.

“They first said you could quarantine for five days and if you had a negative test you could go back," said a senior at Carrollton High School. "The Department of Public Health was contacting parents whose kids were quarantined and telling them it has to be 14 or else it’s not effective.” 

Parents contacted CBS46 worried and confused. They claimed the school told them if their child was out for 14 days they would not be counted as absent.

As part of Governor Brian Kemp’s emergency executive order it clearly states that each quarantined person shall remain at their home for a period of 14 days.

 “I think it should be 14 days, I mean they [DPH] are the experts. This COVID-19 thing is serious business,” said Marty Davis who lives in Carrollton and has two kids in school.

In a statement from DPH reiterated, "the Administrative Order requiring 14 days quarantine for individuals exposed to a COVID-19 positive person is very clear, and is in accordance with Georgia law."

DPH regularly works with schools and school administrations to ensure they are aware of the isolation and quarantine protocols in the Administrative Order.

It seems now the school district has had a change of heart. A student says things have changed after a number of meetings. In a statement from the school district they said the quarantine period now is a flat 14 days, per DPH guidance. 

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