Parents: Paulding Co. Schools ignores racial bullying in schools

Source: WGCL

Arnena Warren is a freshman at North Paulding High School. She tells CBS46 kids at her school are constantly calling her racial slurs.“It makes me feel like they aren’t accepting me for who I am or they are judging me based on my skin color,” said Warren. “When I tell the teacher they just tell me to drop it and let it go and they ignore my request to speak to an administrator.”

Arnena’s mom, Beverly, is furious this is happening.

“I shouldn’t have my child coming home sad or depressed because shes been called names or feel like they don’t want her here,” said Beverly. “I don’t think our kids are protected emotionally for sure, emotionally I think the school has done damage."

Warren said the kids using these racial slurs don’t suffer any consequences.

“I feel like no one is taking this serious,” said Warren. “I think the school administration and the county board need to be accountable they have allowed and fostered this type of behavior in the school systems, they don’t hold anyone accountable”

Parents tell me the racism these students are facing has been going on for years but nothing is ever done about it.

“I don’t want it to be this way because I shouldn’t have to go to a school where we are divided all the time.”

“It feels like it’s the stories my mom told me back in the old days...and I'm heartbroken I don’t want her to go through this, no one should have to go through this.”

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday inside the superintendent's office at 12 p.m.

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