trans school bathroom

PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- There were no empty seats inside the Pickens High school auditorium Monday night as parents upset over transgender students use of restrooms at school voiced their opinions.

The town hall comes after parents say they weren't notified of a recent policy change that allows trangender students to use the bathroom that identify with. Those in attendance were fired up saying, "“If you give them everything they want it’s gonna be somebody that comes along that want some more,” and "If you got to go to the bathroom you know if you’re male or female just go to the bathroom.”

Prior to that decision transgender students were allowed to use the teacher’s restrooms. The district told reporters they changed the policy in order to stay in line with federal law.

“Quite frankly when it comes to transgenders using the restrooms, they’re just trying to get in to pee to poop they’re just trying to do their business get in and get out nothing more nothing less,” said one mother.

Others expressed concerns over safety. “I just need to know that my girls are going to be safe to go to the restroom by themselves. Because before if a man if you were trying to go into the women’s bathroom I would say hold up what you doing, but now I don’t have that option.”

Though for others it was a matter of setting boundaries. “We should give equal rights for every person equal rights for every human being and every human being, but even equal rights has boundaries,” expressed one man.

CBS46 reporter Trason Bragg reached out to the superintendent to find out if the opinions expressed during the townhall would impact the policy, but did not hear back in time for this report.

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