Jimmy Carter Signs Copies Of His New Book "Faith: A Journey For All"

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 26: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter smiles during a book signing event for his new book 'Faith: A Journey For All' at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Midtown Manhattan, March 26, 2018 in New York City. Carter, 93, has been a prolific author since leaving office in 1981, publishing dozens of books. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter was already “up and walking” just a day after undergoing surgery to relieve pressure on his brain from bleeding linked to recent falls, his pastor said.

The Rev. Tony Lowden of Maranatha Baptist Church visited Carter, 95, in an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday.

“His spirits are good and he is up and walking,” Lowden told reporters.

Carter Center spokeswoman Deanna Congileo has said there were no complications during Carter’s Tuesday surgery at Emory University Hospital for a subdural hematoma, blood trapped on the brain’s surface.

She said he would remain hospitalized under observation. It’s unclear when he’ll be released.

The center said the bleeding was connected to Carter’s recent falls. A Spring fall required Carter to get hip replacement surgery. He fell twice in October, hitting his head at least once.

Lowden said he expects Carter to ask when can he resume teaching Sunday School. The former president has been teaching Sunday School regularly at Maranatha Baptist for decades.

“I am going to tell him that we have everything in order at the church and he doesn’t have to worry about anything,” Lowden said. “There is no need to rush.”

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Jimmy Carter MUST stop being so active as his frequent falls are leading to life-threatening conditions. I’m a doctor and falls are the leading cause of morbidity (illness) and mortality (death.) Getting the elderly to slow down is nearly impossible especially for a person who has led a very active life--thoughts of immortality are commonplace. One still thinks they are 21 years old, but their body differs.

President Carter has already had a hip fracture from a fall this past spring. He is in remission for a brain melanoma--a collection of skin cancer cells that invade the brain. As a farmer and then a carpenter for habilitat for humanity he got a lot of extra sun.

What causes most falls in the elderly? Poor eyesight and poor hearing--the ear controls hearing as well as balance. If you’ve had a bad cold which leads to congestion in your ears you may notice that you’ll be dizzier than usual that is NOT due to Nyquil. One's reflexes slow considerably and it’s easier to trip over curbs, in the house, especially if you’re concentrating on something else. It takes a 95 yo complete focus NOT to fall. He is probably on medications for ailments that affect all elderly patients--such as blood pressure problems (too high and too low), heart meds, meds after hip surgery and a previous brain tumor. Falls can cause subdural hematomas 13 times easier in over 75-85 yo pts for many reasons. A fall breaks veins (and sometimes arteries which is a real emergency) and leads to leakage of blood and spinal fluid and collects under the hard covering over the brain. This covering is called the dura (think of “durable”) and when fluid collects it causes swelling that presses on the brain. In President Carter’s case he had fallen--you could see the bruising and stitches over his eye-then developed a slow bleed which can take up to two weeks to develop...and time for the doctors to make openings in the skull usually “burr holes” as it takes a burr bit to make the opening, thus the fluid can escape from under the skull covering...and keeps draining fluid as the burr holes take a while to heal over.

But enough already! He MUST slow down and he is VERY stubborn which he admits freely. But perhaps slowing down will never be his style--but he WILL keep falling as he won’t pay attention to what his doctors say...after all he IS 95; what do these docs know!

He may not be capable of slowing down! TRY to slow your pace President Carter!

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